1 Liter/32 oz and 2 Liter/64 oz sizes available.

Stainless Steel Beer Growler
Stainless Steel Growlers

SS Growler®

Keep your precious cargo in lock down mode!

Double wall-vacuum packed version, with 304 stainless steel interior keeps your contents hot or cold for hours & hours. Our single layer 304 SS models are super light & compact. 304 stainless steel is the same, exact material used by the brewing industry for their tanks.

  • Passivated, food grade 304 (18/8) stainless steel ensures integrity of contents
  • Unique flip top design keeps liquids secure (even at 30k ft), no more spills or lost lids
  • Removable, replaceable and cleanable food grade silicone seal for a safe tight fit
  • Elegant, retro yet modern, functional design will provide years of enjoyment

Ask your local brewery, growler fill station, retailer or home brew supplier for our products

Care Instructions

Custom printing/wholesale

Our in-house printing service offers decoration of our bottles (min 24) with state of the art Prop 65 inks.

We can custom engrave your logos or theme (min 144). We can also design a bottle just for you and offer full color water slide deco.

First and Foremost

We were the first to design, manufacture and distribute our designs 6 years ago.

Don’t get Alibooboo’d by cheap, inferior knock offs. All of our bottles display the SS Growler™logo on the lid and our website on the bottom, your guarantee it’s genuine and of top notch quality. We have worked with our suppliers for decades and stand behind our products 100%


The Brew-natics™ at Brewsuit.com SUD-DIVISION of DISTRIMATICS, USA

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Stainless Steel Growlers

We love beer, and your customers will love our stainless steel growlers.

Stainless Steel Growlers