We are a bunch of twisted product developers & sourcing agents with a knack for creativity and a love for craft beer. Our thrill is the chase & excitement of creating. Our drive is to fill voids in the brewing world while meeting & interacting with fun & honest people. Market research is fun!

We are also involved with cinematography, culinary & event management, music & Hawaiian & national sustainability issues and solutions.

We started offering the GrowerSuit™ because there just isn't anything out there for us or anyone to use other than clunky, nondescript koozie with a logo slapped on them (snoozies). Just did it!

We love the beach, especially a glass free beach, so we undertook the task of designing the new SS Growler® Stainless Steel swing/flip top. We think we outdid ourselves. Swellegant!

In our ventures we have produced close to a thousand different products. We came across a great old school sign company 20 years ago, recently partnered with them to make our BrewTackers™ Made in USA, Embossed & beautiful. Retro beer signs are making a huge comeback. Very cool!

A Word from our sponsor:

BrewSuit.com is a SUD-Division™ of www.distrimatics.com , with over 25 years experience in the retail & promotional product design & distribution arenas, including licensing, packaging, advertising, fulfillment and shipping solutions. This enables us to bring any idea to vivid life.

What's next? YOU tell us. We live for a challenge and the opportunity to create products that are functional, long lasting and most of all extremely COOL! Keep those cards and letters coming!

We sincerely thank you for your time, interest & support, The Brewnatics™ here at BrewSuit.com

... we're thinking about brew